Lake Sturgeon trips:

We'll be fishing the St. Croix Scenic River Way or the Mississippi in the fall. Check our calendar page in September for this years Lake Sturgeon Season. It changes yearly. Catch-Photo-Release fishing at it's best! Because the large female Lake Sturgeon take about 25 years to mature and then only spawn every 3 or 4 years, all Sturgeon will be photographed and released to ensure that our kids and grandkids will be able to enjoy the magnificent Lake Sturgeon!

Shovelnose Sturgeon, Channel Cats and Flathead Combo Trips:

Shovelnose Sturgeon and Channel Cats can be caught year round on the Mississippi River. These can be fun trips as there seems to be frequent action with the chance of a large flathead and some interesting mud puppies picking up the bait for an additional surprise. With just a short boat ride when launching from The Harbor Bar Marina, we will have you on some of the best fishing in the upper Midwest!

Our fishing trips generally run from 7:00pm to Midnight or 6:00pm to 11:00pm from September through the end of October. Other time arrangements can be made with prior notice.

1 person/evening = $400.00
2 person/evening = $450.00



  • All bookings require a $100 deposit. No date will be considered "held" until a deposit is received. CLICK HERE to pay your deposit online using a credit card or your checking account. If you would prefer to mail a check or money order,¬†please visit the Contact Us page. Deposits will be refunded if cancellation notice is received 14 days in advance of the scheduled trip. Weather is always a factor in fishing. If we cancel a trip because of weather, you may ask for a refund of your deposit or reschedule.¬†

  • Drinks and snacks - Bring any food, drinks or snacks you would like to have during your trip with you. We will have a cooler available when you get to the boat ramp and there will be ice available. Please do not plan on bringing your own ice chest with you on the boat. Please no alcoholic beverages on the boat. Snacks in a shell, such as nuts and sunflower seeds, will not be allowed on the boat as the shells from these types of snacks have been known to plug the boat's bilge pump, causing a safety hazard. If you need medications make sure you have them with you as well.

  • Nights on the Mississippi River can get cool even when it's hot during the day. When temps are below 80 degrees at night, please bring along an extra sweatshirt and a jacket for the ride home. Watch the night time lows! Temps in the 50's will have you shivering in the short drive back to the Resort! We do not recommend shorts.
  • Bring your camera- We will have a digital camera on board and will take photos of your catches before we release them and email all the photos to you at the end of our trip. The river is a very beautiful place and you may want to take photographs of wildlife and scenery with your own camera. You could see bald eagles, racoon, deer, turkey and many other types of wildlife.

  • No Sturgeon Guarantee: If you don't catch a Sturgeon during your trip, you will receive your trip at half price.

  • Children over 15 and spouses are ALWAYS welcome to come along!

  • All anglers 16 years and older must have a valid Minnesota or Wisconsin fishing license in order to fish with us.

  • We at Trophy Catfishing Adventures strongly encourage catch/photo/release for all large fish.

  • Bugs are seldom a problem this time of year. If they are we have a number of different brands of insect repellents on board (Please do not bring along sprays).

  • Please ask about our preferred replica taxidermist for pricing and his "exact match" replicas.