"I've been on two trips with BrianK & all I can say is this doesn't know a thing about Walleye fishing, but he sure does know how to put a guy on the Flathead catfish. My first Flathead was a 30lb, then that same night he got me hooked up on a 50lb Flathead, that one broke his rod, but thanks to expertise he helped me land that fish with just the real & rod handle. The second trip we didn't do that good I was only able to land a 27lb Flathead & a 45lb Flathead, but again lot's of funny stories by BrianK. I'll be repeating another trip with BrianK again next year." 
M. Steffes, Minnesota 

"I've taken three trips with Brian, (and will again in the future) and every one was memorable! Between the awesome fish and the humorous stories, it will be a trip to remember! Even the "practice fish" are cool! In my book, BK's Catfish/Sturgeon Adventures rate an AA+" 
T. Feldmann Wisconsin 

"I look forward to our next trip out! If you get a chance, take advantage of a trip out with Brian K's Trophy Catfishing Adventures!!! Thanks from a proud Papa and Ben!" 
C. Tuckner, Minnesota >Ben's very first flathead was 45 scrapping pounds! 

"Brian, thanks so much for the awesome catfish adventure-I had a blast! I can't wait to show the "trout" guys my pictures! I will definetly recommend this trip to others- Thanks again!"
K. Domaille, Minnesota




  • "The role of any guide is to take you on an adventure. This adventure should be enjoyable, memorable, and more than anything: make you a better person by experiencing something that you may not do everyday or perhaps once in a lifetime. A guide should be optimistic, rational, but also altruistic in his or her mindset on what they are doing on the water to help you live a dream and to make your life, even for a moment, a little more enjoyable. I have had the privilege to fish many places in my life, but few have compared to angling with Brian. A person could spend a lifetime looking for that one opportunity, that one moment, where all your baggage of the world is lifted off your shoulders and the only things that we think about is the company around us on the water. Whether it is the water itself, the eagles flying, or the sound of a turtle diving to get food, when you take it all in, you have accomplished your goal: to have an everlasting adventure of a lifetime for yours to cherish and yours to keep in your heart and mind forever. " 
    A. Chaniotes, Lac Seul, Ontario, Canada 

  • I want to send out a VERY SPECIAL Thank you to Briank for making my FW's last outting of the season a GREAT one. 
    We had a scheduled outting set up with him and I wanted her to catch a catfish big enough to give her some memories to get her through the cold months(she doesnt do the cold well). He did just that Thanks for coming through with my wish for her. 
    We tried one other time for her in the past and it just wasnt her night, but she made up for it last night, you helped her build a life time of memories in a night. The thoughts of those 2 fish should keep her warm this winter while I am out ice fishing. 
    PS: cookies pay out BIG dividens 
    Again THANK YOU BK 
    J.Weatherly, Minnesota 
  • "Of the many trips I've taken with BK,they have all lived up to the Adventure in his guide service name. From the fish cought to the stories told, never a dull moment in the boat with him! My only regret is the nights end to quickly and then back to the normal world. I would recomend BrianK's guide service to any one looking for that true trophy adventure!!" 
    S. Hanson, Minnesota 

  • "I recommend a trip with Brian to anyone out there! It was my first ever official catfish trip and I do not plan on it being my last! In 6 hours the learning curve for learning flatheads was cut in half at the very least and the sheer power of these fish will no doubt have me coming back for more! 5 star trip in my opinion and would not think twice about doing it again!" 
    E. Anderson, Minnesota 

  • "BrianK's Trophy Catfish & Sturgeon Adventures is exactly as it sounds, truly an adventure! Being very new to both catfishing and chasing sturgeon, Brian took the time to explain the method behind the madness and was more than willing to answer all of my questions. The knowledge gained and time spent talking with Brian was awesome, and catching big fish was just icing on the cake! Not only was I able to land the largest Sturgeon I've ever laid eyes on; but he was extremely helpful in explaining what we use for bait, why to use it, and where to start looking for fish! I would highly recommend a trip with BrianK, you will not be disappointed! Thanks again BK!" 
    P. Bauer, Minnesota

  • "Damn, your right!!...and that hurts me to say that, ya know!!!!"
    ~ K. McNellis Doelger, Venus